Hardwood flooring gives you the qualities you need

Most homeowners know that hardwood flooring offers one of the most extended lifespans. With professional installation and regular care, these floors can last 100 years. Some products last even longer, so you may never have to replace them.

Besides an extensive lifespan, these floors have a lot more to offer. Beautiful visuals and excellent durability add life to every room. These floors could be a perfect fit no matter what your remodeling needs.

Visuals that freeze time

You may have heard wood floors described as "timeless," which means their look is always in style. The rich hues, classic grain patterns, and fantastic textures add character. And you'll find they're a superb match for any room or decor.

You can personalize hardwood flooring to look as you need them to. Each choice adds to the one before, and the result is entirely artistic. Consider these custom choices:

  • Species
  • Board grade
  • Format
  • Color
  • Texture
  • Installation technique

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Durability you can stand on for years

All hardwood floors are durable, but you can choose specific protections. If you have damp, humid areas, engineered wood flooring can be a great addition. These floors feature a layered construction with a top layer of natural wood flooring. Solid wood also offers impressive durability, even in busy areas. But we'll discuss the need for sealing and care, so you get the best results from your surface. And both products can go through refinishing to bring them back to a like-new look.

What else should you know about hardwood flooring?

Before installation, both of these products must undergo acclimation. That brings hardwood flooring to the same humidity level as its environment. The service helps reduce concerns about warping or cracking after installation. Cleaning can be an easy task once you know what to do. Sweep up debris daily and clean up spills or messes as soon as possible. A dust mop or damp mop can bring wood floors to a beautiful sheen that lasts.
Hardwood flooring in San Clemente, CA from Designers Magic Flooring

We have the hardwood flooring you need

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